The Kinder Kabin

Opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

Tel: 01508 491726

About the Kabin

We decided to open the KinderKabin because, as grandparents, we know just how expensive it is to bring up small children and just how little use you sometimes get out of their clothes and equipment before they grow out of them and need new items. What do you do with the perfectly good clothes and things that no longer fit or they are bored with?

Well you could sell them on eBay, if you have time to take photos and carry out all the listing, but the postage is normally more than the item. Car boot? Yes, if you want to practically give them away; or GumTree, which is ok for second hand goods, but not for those preloved items that you think are worth a bit more.

The KinderKabin is a great environment to display your items and show them in the best possible light.

Terms of sale

We need to receive the clothes/items in the condition you would expect to purchase them. Before bringing the freshly laundered clothes and clean, working equipment into the shop, please thoroughly check to make sure there are no marks, tears, scuffs, missing buttons, stains, broken zips or broken equipment and that all items are in full working condition (everything that needs batteries must have batteries in them).

We do not take supermarket clothing or single small items such as vests or sleepsuits but we are happy to group several of these as one sale item, assuming they are the same size and make. We try to limit taking a maximum of 20 items per visit because we have a lot of people want to sell with us; however, we always aim to be flexible and, if you have more that 20 excellent items, we will always try to get them in.